• July 7 - 9. 2016


  • What We Do

    We provide young web activists tools, training and coaching for great results

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    Capacity Building

    Digital Storytelling, Social Media & Internet Security

    We organize training for young people at Yole!Africa and some at Goma's most respected University where we teach them basics of blogging, online storytelling, Social Media Marketing and even internet security. The training takes part during our pre-summit and even on other occasions, according to the need.

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    Relevant Networking

    Connecting locals among them and to the world

    Our summit is an opportunity for local activists who never met before to connect and imagine possibilities of collaboration. We also connect them to some of the most successful activists accross the continent and in the world. If possible, we invite them to Goma or organize skype discussions for mutual inspiration.

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    Strategic Planning

    Working on action plan and advising on its implementation

    At the end of the summit, participants work on an action plan to be implemented during the year based on a priority. But participants also advise each other when planning activities promoting human rights and democracy.

  • What they say

    Top leading panafrican activists say what they think of the Goma Web Activism Summit

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    Cheikh Fall

    Head of Africtivistes.org

    A democracy without those who make it, I mean the people, is just a vague ambition destined to fail. The Goma Web Activism Summit as well as other similar events on the continent are the pillars of a powerful democracy.

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    Bonface Witaba

    Internet Governance Forum Ambassador in Kenya

    I believe this summit is a great platform to mentor the next generation of citizen journalists through the use of new media tools among the youth in Nord Kivu. Speaking at the Goma Web Activism Summit in 2014 inspired me to start a similar initiative in Kenya with the support of www.iafrikan.com

  • #GWAS16 Summit

    To enroll for the Pre-Summit, click on the image below

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    The aim of this year's summit is to prevent young activists' manipulation by different actors in order to avoid misinformation and violence during DRC's electoral process. You can enroll for the Pre-Summit by clicking here bit.ly/1T61Zj7

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